SASPI represents the sports and play industry concerned with the construction of artificial/natural pitches, athletics tracks, sports courts and playground. The organisation is focused on the advancement of the status of the sports and playground industry and to promote quality, standards and ethics within this rapidly expanding sector in South Africa.

To Achieve This Goal We Will

  • Actively encourage the particiption of all relevant stakeholders in the organisation.
  • Develop minimum compliance standards for members
  • Create a platform for learning through advocating for the incorporation of standards in industry curriculums and participating in the development of modular based programs;
  • To robustly lobby for compliance and amendments of legislation and specifications governing government procurement;
  • To monitor compliance of members;
  • To regulate members

Promoting dialogue between the industry, government, professional services organisations on best practice models for sports and play surfaces is fundamental to the activities of the organisation as awareness creation is central to promoting compliance. Through a process of self-regulation and bench marking we work with organisations to develop pathways to achieving an environment that is safe and without undue risk to third parties.
Education and raising awareness is key to the success of the organisation.